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About Ready Services Group

We Serve Main Street America. RSG started our security practice with the idea of “Protecting Main Street”. We understand that by being a small to midsize business, it may be hard to get the attention you deserve, or it can be simply cost prohibitive to procure those services. RSG believes that every business, regardless of their size, should be afforded the same types of security protection services, while still being affordable. RSG is a trusted, reliable and affordable IT and security practice for small and midsize businesses.

Our Mission

Ready Services Group (RSG) assists companies and organizations identify and solve complex IT problems – from migrating sensitive and confidential data to the Cloud, to protecting your data from cyber threats. RSG brings security practitioners to you who have decades of experience working different types of security services. RSG would like to bring this experience to Main Street America, where we will focus on helping you the same way we have enabled the Nation and our former large corporations. Our relationships are built on trust and not through excessive sales techniques.

What Can RSG Do For You?

RSG will address your business security needs in three ways: regulatory, standards, and business requirements. RSG works as a trusted partner to ensure you are complying with laws that pertain to your business. This allows you to feel confident that you have done what you can to comply and are leaning in the right direction accordingly. We will work with you to analyze what you need and validate that you may already have to determine the right approach to additional products and/or services to achieve your business goals without overspending, all while maintaining a high security posture with a low attack surface.

Our Services At A Glance

A brief look at the services we offer below:

What People Are Saying

“You are just the company I am looking for! We are very small and do not know IT very well and NEED the help.”

Huntlands Landscaping

“The RSG team consistently delivers high quality efforts in extremely complex storage environments under very short timelines. They are extremely reliable! ”

Large Defense Contractor Chief Engineer

“The Cloud Migration team is the backbone of the program for customer services and problem solving for the customer, tenants and internal staff. We all take great pride in their conscientious work ethic; they carry a very heavy weight on their shoulder every single day. They all have a ‘can do’ attitude and provide sound feedback to all entities. With this work ethic, they all have ‘stayed the course,’ supported each other and continued to cultivate great rapport and trust with the customer and their tenants. This is something all of them can be proud of.”

Agency Government Program Office

“RSG worked tirelessly, against difficult odds, to isolate the offending database hardware. In addition, they were able to discover a failing communications node that was masking a deeper problem. They are the subject matter experts you go to when you need something troubleshot.”

Large Defense Contractor IO&M Lead